Anonymous asked: "Male FC ideas for a mad, childish 20-25 brother to Matthew Gray Gubler please? Thank you in advance :)"

Maybe Nico Tortorella or Beau Mirchoff?

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Leigh Anne Pinnock - icon hunt by Flawlessfcs

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Anonymous asked: "Can you make phoebe tonkin icons tysm"

We’ll add her to our to do list (:

posted 1 year ago

demis-whore asked: "Can you make a selection of icons for Demi with red hair?"

I’ll add her to the list as well

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bvlgarized asked: "do more lily collins icon hunt please? :)"

I’ll add her to the list

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Anonymous asked: "Who could play a younger Grace Park? Teen or childhood?"

Can’t think of anyone, sorry!

Please don’t ask for fcs that are children because we don’t know anyone!

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Anonymous asked: "wat does fc and rph mean"

FC means faceclaim aka the person your character looks like 

RPH stands for roleplayhelper, which some people think is a title one has to work for and has to deserve, butpersonally I think that’s really silly. I mean come on, this is Tumblr. Do whatever you want.

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Anonymous asked: "Do you think you could think of an older stepbrother for Behati Prinsloo?"

Step siblings don’t have to look anything alike because they’re not biologically related, so anyone could play her stepbrother.. 

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